Raising kids is tough, and raising healthy kids is even tougher! I know how much you want to raise healthy children, and I know what a challenge it can be.

Are you:

Overwhelmed by all the health information and products out there?

Tired of battling your kids to make healthier choices?

Sick of your kids getting every illness going around?


You’re not alone!

Maybe you’re just starting on a health journey for yourself and your family.


Maybe you’re super health conscious yourself and wonder why your kids won’t eat kale or why they are such carb-aholics!

Wouldn’t it be nice:

To have a family health professional to point you in the right direction so you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself?

For someone to do all the research so you don’t have to?

For you to have someone who can give you support and guidance along the way, through each age and stage?

BUT most importantly… someone who can help empower your children to WANT to be healthy?


If you’re looking to raise healthy kids, then this is the right place for you!

Hey there, I’m Angie!

I’m a Mama, just like you. Trying my hardest to raise healthy kids, so they are happy kids and they grow into healthy happy adults. And I want to share all the knowledge, resources and products I’ve found to help make raising healthy kids easier.


Let’s have “coffee” and get to know each other.

I have two children, five years apart. A bright little girl who is sensitive and strong-willed, and a sweet toddler boy bursting into independence with determination.

My evolved work life goes like this: Family wellness chiropractor > Chiropractic Coach and Consultant > SAHM/WAHM > The Healthy Kids Project

I’ve lived in two countries, Canada and Costa Rica. My family is all Canadian born and we currently live in Squamish, British Columbia. My dream is to someday live back in Costa Rica.

What I love to do most: Surf (in warm water)! I’ve skied and snowboarded my whole life (but don’t like the cold) and have tried to learn to love mountain biking since living on the West Coast (but I’m a chicken). Oh and I was pregnant and 40 at the time of learning 🙂

I’m deep down a science nerd, and am currently re-learning Spanish. As well as improving my strength with powerlifting.

Some of my favourite things are: A strong Americano. Snuggling my children. Appreciating nature. A good game of cribbage. And knitting.


My Journey

My 18+ years as a family wellness chiropractor, I’ve helped hundreds of families improve their lifestyle choices and their overall health. Over the last ten years I’ve coached hundreds of chiropractors to do the same in their practices. And I wanted to share my knowledge and resources to parents just like you!

When I had my first child, I really got to thinking how I was raising my daughter with a different approach than most. With a deep understanding of how the body works and that it is designed to be healthy, teaching healthy habits to her young was important to me.

After having watched both of my parents die in their 60’s from cancer, I knew that a healthy lifestyle was one of the things I wanted her to grow up thinking was normal. This way, she wouldn’t have to ‘unlearn’ habits and make different choices as an adult. And healthy people are happy people. It’s simple, but not easy.

In both my practice and in my personal life, I’ve seen that health is something we don’t truly appreciate until it’s gone.

I want to empower families to be exceptionally healthy.

The hard part.

Our Western culture of instant convenience and media saturation is not teaching our children how to grow up healthy. So raising a healthy child, although is an idea most parents subscribe to, seems overwhelming and difficult. I’m here to share with you my easy, affordable hacks to raising healthy kids AND ones who want to be healthy!


But with the onslaught of information available, it’s overwhelming at best. Without the time or the knowledge to do your own research, it can fall to the bottom of the mama ‘to do’ list.


I don’t want to battle my kids to be healthy. And I don’t want to make them health weirdos who don’t fit in. I want to teach them balance, and conscious choices. That life, and health, is about tradeoffs and desired outcomes.


Just battling health choices, is a tough road. A donut vs an apple? Hard choice in the moment.


What if we could teach children to WANT to be healthy?


What if we could teach children HOW their body works and what it needs?


What if we could give them a framework and help them make conscious CHOICES?


Welcome to our community!

I’d encourage you to join our FREE Facebook Group, for parents like you who want to:


1. Raise healthy kids

2. Empower their children to WANT to be healthy! 


It’s a gathering of parents and caregivers, a community of health-conscious people, who want to raise health-conscious kids. A place you can ask for advice, and where no question is too small. Whether you are just starting a health journey for your family or you are more of a health-nut, we welcome you! Parenting is hard, and sometimes lonely. Consider this a place to ‘sit’ down with a cup of tea or coffee and chat with other parents about what’s working and not working with trying to raise healthy kids.

I’m so happy you’re here, and I hope you will stay a while!


I’m here to support and guide you along the way, in hopes that we can empower more children to want to be healthier,
and change the world one family at a time!